10 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Code
How technical skills can change how you think and set you apart
Jack Carlisle Dec 20, 2018
1. Get Ahead of the Curve
Already, coding is becoming an increasing part of day to day life. It’s the way the world is moving and this is reinforced by the fact that children are now learning this stuff at school. Within a decade everyone in the world will need to be technologically skilled to some degree. That includes you! Having coding knowledge will be so important no matter what your role. Just remember, these people will need to be managed and guided, possibly by you! Be part of the conversation.
2. Be in Demand
As the world rapidly changes there is more and more emphasis on technology and the possibilities it can offer. Having technical skills, like coding, in the current environment is so valuable because they enable you to turn thoughts and ideas into something real. You will be approached countless times by people with ideas of their own, looking for someone who can bring them to life. The ball is well and truly in your court.
3. Self-sufficiency
Be your own boss, decide your own schedule and live and work on your terms. Being a freelance programmer adds a level of freedom that is rare in other sectors. With coding your work life balance can remain firmly intact.
4. Make Things Happen
If you have an idea for a new website, web application or business, you can immediately put wheels in motion towards making it a reality. You don’t have to find (and pay) someone, who will never care about it as much as you do. The world is at your fingertips, the only thing left to do is start creating.
5. Think Logically
You will learn to think through problems rationally and logically. Every day you’lll take problems and break them down into simple, manageable steps. The longer a problem takes to crack, the better it feels once you do! After no time at all you'll build the resilience to stick with anything until you solve it, no matter how complex the problem, or how long it takes.
6. Always Be Learning
Due to the ever evolving nature of software, a new language or framework is released every other week as others become obsolete and forgotten. Some of these technologies gain traction and become widely used which means that knowledge of them can boost your job prospects dramatically. Therefore it’s within your best interest to remain flexible enough to learn new things. Learning to code will invigorate your thirst for knowledge within many other fields and sectors, not just within tech.
7. Become a Digital Nomad
Computer programming gives you freedom to travel. All you need is a laptop and a connection to the internet. This will allow you to travel all over the world and stay connected with your team. The ability to code can get you to wherever you want to be.
8. Become part of the Tech Community
You will become part of an incredible community of people. The tech community consists of really smart, thoughtful and pleasant people. You will benefit enormously by connecting with them.
9. Solve Real Problems
Coding will give you the opportunity to work on many amazing projects and solve real world problems. Software can be used as a tool to help others, to raise awareness and to make a change in the world. It enables you to empower people through technology.
10. It's Fun!
Once you get the hang of it, coding is incredibly enjoyable. Once you get the bug it can become extremely addictive. The best thing you can do is to give it a go, you might take away more than you think.