JumpstartJS | The Story So Far
Our mission to make coding more accessible to the non-technical
Jack Carlisle Jan 2, 2019
What is JumpstartJS?
JumpstartJS is a series of hands on, fully emersive workshops usually held in London. The concept was born out of the challenge of beginning to learn how to code, especially for someone from a non-technical background. JumpstartJS aims to bridge the gap for first time coders by providing that extra level of support at a time when they need it the most. The goal is to enable young developers to become self sufficient by teaching them how to learn, and how to solve problems efficiently and effectively.
At JumpstartJS we believe that the best way to achieve this is through short and intense weekend bootcamps. They’re long enough to give you a true taste of what it’s like to be a developer but short enough to fit around a busy schedule. Check out our home page to find out more or to enrol in one of our upcoming bootcamps!
Why we started
I remember the first time I sat down to learn to code. I found HTML and CSS relatively intuitive and easy to pick up by myself but as soon as I began to look into Javascript, things became a bit harder. I hadn’t come across functions before so I found the concept quite abstract initially. I even struggled with the most basic examples because it wasn’t immediately clear what was part of the language itself and what was being named by the developer.
For example you may have seen code snippets in text books that use the words foo, bar and baz. I assumed that, because I hadn’t come across these words before, they somehow had meaning or significance when in fact the opposite was true. They were used because of their ambiguity but I found this counterintuitive. At JumpstartJS we try and root all of our teaching in real world examples so that they can be easily understood by those new to the game.
This is one of a number of things that can trip you up at the start. Fortunately for me, one of my friends is a developer and at the time I was learning he was able to give me much needed support which made it easier for me to persevere and progress. However…I realise that everyone might not be as lucky and so that’s why I decided to start JumpstartJS. I want to help people beginning to learn to code by giving them the right guidance during the teething period as I hope this will encourage many more to get involved in software development.
Where are we now?
At JumpstartJS we now have courses that cater for all abilities. Our weekend bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular and our community is steadily growing. The plan now is to start extending our reach from London to all corners of the UK and beyond. If you’re reading this and you want us to come to your city, get in touch at hello@jumpstartjs.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!